Happy New Year, my friends! Let’s kick 2012’s ass before it sees us coming!

Here we are at the end of another year, my friends. Hope it’s been a good one for you and yours. Like every year, it’s had its share of exultant highs and crushing lows. And like every year, it comes to a close giving all of us a chance to revel in the good … and throw the bad out onto the freeway at high speeds.

Neil Gaiman does New Year’s wishes for his readers every year, and I’m going to bite off that and throw you a little goodwill this year as well. Hope your 2012 is filled with promise and creation, art and joy, friendship and serenity, and the kind of laughs that make you spit milk out your nose. I hope you swing for the cheap seats; I hope you throw it long even if nobody’s open; I hope you pull out the driver when everyone tells you to lay up; I hope you dive low in Turn 4 and go for the win.

Have a great New Year, my friends. And now, let’s see it off with a little mainlined inspiration, shall we?


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