Help a brother (in law) out: Be a part of Never Enough Hope’s new recording session

My brother-in-law Toby Summerfield is the head honcho/maestro/impresario behind Never Enough Hope, a traveling, rotating collective of Chicago-centered musicians that create some of the most intellectually and emotionally challenging music you’re going to hear. And they’re gearing up for their next recording session, scheduled for this June. And they want YOUR help. But we’ll get to that in a second. First, here’s some fascinating material, Toby on how to write for a 30-piece orchestra:

Now. What you need to do is go over to Kickstarter and pledge some coin to help Toby get this next recording session rolling. There, you can hear some more of his music and get a sense of what you’ll be a part of. You can do it, friends. Even a buck helps. And Toby will thank you. I’ll make my sister get him to.


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