HYPE: Atlanta Magazine. Buy It.

A little pimping here–Atlanta magazine’s got a little slice-of-life piece here by me on the joys of owning an SUV. (Not included in the article: the ecstasy of running up on a sidewalk and pinning a pedestrian to a wall…wait a minute. I’ve been playing too much Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.)

Anyway, the folks at Atlanta were good enough to even put my name on the cover, so check it out. (Click on the magazine cover for a direct link to Atlanta’s website.) You out-of-towners–and in-town freeloaders–will have to wait a few weeks, till this one is off the stands, before I post the article here.


2 Responses to “HYPE: Atlanta Magazine. Buy It.

  • Name on the cover – congrats.

  • Yeah, never underestimate the ego rush that comes from walking through the grocery store and seeing your own name jump out at you from a magazine cover.

    Unless it’s got the word “underage” too close to it.

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