Hype: Ryne Sandberg profile in the Chicago Sports Review

When I was a kid, I had a deck of baseball cards that I’d shuffle and lay out in endless permutations of All-Star lineups. (Yes, those cards would be worth a Japanese import car now if I hadn’t dog-eared every one of ’em.) Each time it came to second base, one guy was always at the top of the deck–Ryne Sandberg. Long before Sammy Sosa did his smack-hop-smooch home run routine, Sandberg was the face of the Chicago Cubs. So when I got to interview Ryno a few weeks back, it was quite a kick–and another notch off the “heroes of my youth I will stalk as an adult” list. (Watch your back, Eddie Van Halen.) Anyway, the article–in which Sandberg holds forth on how much it sucks that the ’80s baseball heroes are getting screwed over–can be found by clickity-clicking right’ere.


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