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I have this theory that every guy ought to have watched at least one Super Bowl in a truly bizarre, disturbing location, one like that scene in “Boogie Nights” where Marky Mark’s trying to make a drug buy from the future Doctor Octopus, and the little houseboy is throwing fireworks as Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” rattles the walls. For me, it was 1991, the Bills-Giants game. I was in Colorado, defending the slopes of Keystone from Iraqi invasion. My buddies and I didn’t own a television, and rather than do the logical thing like go to a sports bar, we went door-to-door in the resort employees’ dorm looking for anyone else watching the game. (We also braved heart failure by jumping from hot tubs into snowbanks. We were idiots.) Anyway, cable was expensive, meaning nobody out there had it, so I watched Norwood shank the field goal on a tiny black-and-white set with a coathanger antenna hung out the window. Ah, memories.

That there’s an excerpt from my live Super Bowl blog over at the Chicago Sports Review. Check out the whole deal by clicking here…but make sure you bring along something to eat. You’ll be there awhile.


3 Responses to “Hype: The Live Super Bowl Blog

  • Anonymous
    ago12 years

    I really enjoyed the Superbowl Blog. I read it a few days after the game and it brought back… memories of the Superbowl.

  • Nothing like nostalgia for the immediate past.

    Man, remember when I said “Nothing like nostalgia for the immediate past?” Good times.

  • Anonymous
    ago11 years

    Very nice site!

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