Jamey Johnson’s “In Color,” as sung by a drunken Talladega mob

Getting the morning writing engine going with a bit of text on whatever comes up on my playlist — or in this case, on my Instagram. This is A.M. Shuffle. Today: Jamey Johnson’s “In Color.”

I’m on assignment in Talladega, so I don’t have a tremendous amount of time to write today. But this was from last night, a sweet little moment of a cover band doing their singalong take of Jamey Johnson’s outstanding tune “In Color.”

Never thought about it before, but this is a perfect crowd tune, right there with Drivin’ N’ Cryin’s “Straight to Hell.” The melody is as wide as a Talladega straightaway, so you can be two or three steps off key and still sound halfway decent. And it’s got that great maudlin late-night better-back-when message, always perfect for when the initial beer buzz wears off and you’re in the sentimental phase.

This, by the way, was one of the few noncontroversial things I saw last night. More to come in the article.


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