Just When You Thought There Wasn’t Gonna Be Any More Star Wars…

…along comes this little gem. It’s a deleted scene from the original Star Wars (you know, back before Lucas dubbed it “A New Hope”–eeeesh.) It’s about a five-minute clip of Luke Skywalker reuniting with his “old friend,” a dude named–no kidding–“Biggs Darklighter.” It’s a mess of a scene, and it’s easy to see why this never made the cut–though I have hazy memories of it showing up in comic book and novelization form back in the day. A couple observations with nearly 30 (!) years of perspective:

–“Biggs Darklighter” sounds so much like a porn name, I’d suspect George Lucas of pirating it off one of those “What’s your porn name?” sites if it hadn’t shown up in 1977–so we’ve gotta chalk it up to bad writing.

–Speaking of bad writing–holy crap, is there some ponderous sludge in this one. “The Empire’s already starting to nationalize commerce in the inner systems!” Yeah…that’s some riveting-ass dialogue there. Makes you realize that the C-SPAN-style gobbledygook from Episode I didn’t just burst out of thin air–it was in Lucas’s head all along.

–And what exactly is the relationship here between Luke and Biggs? One’s already out of the academy, one’s still working on Uncle Owen’s farm. So there’s gotta be at least four, five years’ difference in ages–plus, that mustache on Biggs gives one a bit of pause…

Anyway, check it out–it’s fun stuff, by no means essential, but interesting for a quick dodge from work.


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