Justified, Season 5 Ep 1: Nothing good ever happens on a Kentucky bridge at night

Now that Breaking Bad is done, Justified reigns as the best show on television. (Go swill another martini, Don Draper.) Let’s get down in the mud and wrestle with this episode, the first one of Season 5. SPOILERS lie ahead.

Quick plot: Raylan heads to Miami to track down one of the many lunatic members of the Crowe family in connection with the murder of a dirty Coast Guard agent. Meanwhile, Boyd is going off the rails trying to figure a way to get his beloved Ava out of prison, even as he tracks a drug shipment back upstream to Detroit and then Canada.

Observations/quotes/random thoughts:

  • This is going to be a good season, particularly if we start location-hopping. Florida swamps, Detroit tenements, a friggin’ Canadian Tim Horton’s … liking it so far.
  • “Deputy, perhaps you should just stipulate to having beaten my client on no less than a dozen occasions.”
  • The “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning coming back from the commercial always gets me a little more excited than it should.
  • This season’s Big Bad is Michael Rapoport as Dale Crowe Jr., who’s a long way from his days in Woody Allen movies. Come to think of it, I’d pay actual money to see Woody Allen in Justified.
  • “Can I get you a blowjob or something?”
  • In the years after the Ron Burgundy Era, Champ Kind cleaned up, achieved new focus, and became a damn fine Florida cop.
  • “When people start using chainsaws, that is a sign. And it is not a good sign.”
  • Gator fishing with full chickens looks like fun.
  • “For the record, he thought he had four kidneys.”
  • “I’ve been to Iraq. It’s a lot like Detroit, although you do have better music.”
  • Gotta love the judge’s mistress negotiating the price for her silence with a guy who just beat her man to death.
  • “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Great intro to the episode honoring Elmore Leonard, creator of the whole damn Harlan County universe, who passed away in August.

Gonna be a good season. Till next week … watch out for the gators.


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