Kids! Here’s what you do when a book gets banned!

Yeah, don't turn Huck into this.

Yeah, don't turn Huck into this.

Huckleberry Finn, which is coming out later this spring in a sanitized version, is one of the most banned books in American libraries. Reading about HF, I’m reminded of the words of another guy whose books get banned an awful lot:

“I would just say to you as students who are supposed to be learning, that as soon as that book is gone from the library, do not walk — run to your nearest public library or bookseller and find out what your elders don’t want you to know, because that’s what you need to know! Don’t let them bullshit you and don’t let them guide your mind, because once it starts, it never stops. Some of our most famous leaders have been book-banners, like Hitler, Stalin and Idi Amin.”

-Stephen King, Virginia Beach Public Library, 1986

Don’t read sanitized or abridged books. Go for the real thing. Here’s Huckleberry Finn exactly as Twain wanted it. (Twain was a big fan of HTML. Not much for Flash animation, you know.)


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