‘Lost’ short film: Best fanfic ever (Bonus: comic boobs!)


No, they're not real. And neither is she.

Fan fiction is a hideously awesome outgrowth of pop culture. On its face, it’s a chance for amateur writers to take their own shot at creating adventures for their favorite characters in genre TV shows, movies and comic books, but in practice, it usually ends up with a Mary Sue (fanfic term for a character representing the author) stepping in to blow up the Death Star, toss the ring into the fires of Mount Doom, vanquish Voldemort and bang Starfire there. Preferably all at once.

So, yeah, most fanfic is just poorly executed wish-fulfillment. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Who wouldn’t want to, uh, “vanquish Voldemort”? The problem, of course, is that fanfic is limited by its authors’ vision and creativity; the characters themselves in the hands of a bad writer barely rise to the level of caricature.

Ah, but what if you could take a shortcut to narrative legitimacy? What if you could piggyback right on the shoulders of your favorite creators, rather than rifling through their trash cans? (This metaphor is getting a little strained, but you get the point.) What if you could, in Lost terms, go back to the Island yourself?

That’s exactly what one enterprising fanfic’er has done, and the results are nothing short of awesome. Somebody named Corey Vidal found his way to Hawaii and discovered that many of the famed sets from the show — the Dharma village, the Swan, the temple — are intact and usable. Throw in a few wide-angle landscape shots, some claustrophobic camerawork through the jungle, and ominous-without-going-anywhere music, and boom: instant “Lost” knockoff episode:

What’s going on in this little short? I have absolutely no freaking idea. Lots of portentous dialogue, lots of motion, lots of what’s-he-so-pissed-about anger … man, it’s like “Lost” never left!

Now, I expect some Middle Earth fanfic’ers to haul their hobbit-lovin’ butts to New Zealand pronto. Game’s been raised.

[Hat tip: io9.]


One Response to “‘Lost’ short film: Best fanfic ever (Bonus: comic boobs!)

  • Best dialogue ever:

    Megan: “Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about?”

    Drew: “That’s not an easy question to answer.”



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