Minor League Baseball RULES!

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of seeing a ballgame in the beautiful AutoZone Park in Memphis, perhaps the finest minor-league park in the country. Perfect weather, great sight lines, cold beer, and even free peanut butter, courtesy of a strange fellow dressed up in a Peter Pan peanut butter jar costume. (At least he wasn’t dressed as Peter Pan himself.) Truly, it was one of those nights that reminds you why baseball is indeed the finest sport ever created.

Tonight, though, I think things are going to be somewhat different in Altoona–um, Pennsylvania, I think. (Hey, I’ve GOT a major league team in my town. I don’t need to remember where all the little minor league teams are.)

From a series on Deadspin on strange little minor league promotions (click the link for more): “Awful Night IV — Beating A Dead Horse (Altoona Curve, Eastern League). Thursday. The Curve will stage ‘awful’ competitions all night, including dunking for onions, the dead fish slingshot catch and autograph sessions with non-celebrities. This year, the first 1,000 fans will receive a photo of General Manager Todd Parnell’s gall bladder, and one lucky fan will actually win the real thing. That is not a joke.”

Awesome. I hear gall bladders are delicious with a little ballpark pretzel mustard.


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