Mouthing Off, Pro Division–A Sports Gone South cross-post

A quick roundup of some of the South’s sports stories of the moment, taken from my new site Sports Gone South:

-Apparently, the Bobcats’ practices need the Benny Hill theme music as a soundtrack.

-In other Bobcats news, if you drive the lane against Sean May, there’s a decent chance you’re going to get eaten.

-Hey, guess what! Pat Riley sez training camp is easier if you’re coming off a world championship. In totally unrelated news, Stan Van Gundy’s corpse was found in a Baltimore row house covered in lime.

-“Haynesworth! For the love of God, man, stop stomping the butler!”

-Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist goes on the DL after rupturing metaphor muscle while comparing Wake Forest to Tickle Me Elmo.


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