My Man Makes It Big!

Big congrats this week to my pal Reilly Brown, a damn fine comics artist who worked with me on a Digital Webbing Presents story. Reilly’s first work for Marvel Comics hit this week in the Marvel Holiday Special 2005. Reilly’s story’s about an evil robot who gets reprogrammed to think he’s Santa Claus, and mayhem, as expected, ensues. Here’s one page:

For those of you who aren’t comics geeks, the dude in the yellow-and-blue in the first two panels is Wolverine, the star of the X-Men movies. The green chick is–er–“She-Hulk.” Spider-Man, you already know. I hope.

So, congrats to Reilly–I was lucky to get him when I did. Now, the bastard won’t return my calls.*

*-Not true. Yet.


3 Responses to “My Man Makes It Big!

  • Jason
    12 years ago

    Now it’s your turn.

  • I’m hanging around outside Marvel’s windows till they call the cops on me.

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago

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