Television that packs a punch.   


   Life at The Network, the world’s only television station/Internet destination/multimedia powerhouse devoted to superheroes, is tough enough—but when a young cameraman captures a hero committing an unspeakable crime, the job could turn deadly! Plus—who is the mysterious Firefly…and what happens when an enterprising reporter makes a wrong guess at his identity?

    THE NETWORK is a three-issue series brought to you by:

    Jay Busbee, Writer

    Martin Morazzo, Penciler

    Carolina Cesare, Inker

    Kevin Volo, Colors

    Jason Arthur,  Letters

    Click here for character profiles; click on individual pages below for larger versions. Email Jay Busbee for a complete, spoiler-filled synopsis or scripts of the miniseries. Then kick back and watch what happens next--'cause you've never seen anything like The Network before.





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