New Book Pimpin’: INCURSION

And now it can be announced–I’m writing a new four-issue limited series from Platinum Studios entitled INCURSION. This is work-for-hire material; on this one, I’m the equivalent of a midseason pickup for the pennant drive. But I shall do my best Mark Teixeira impression–the baseball player, not the comics guy. (In this crowd, you need to make that distinction.)

The plot: a special ops team testing an experimental communications device in Afghanistan suddenly vanishes into thin air, leaving behind only their very confused sergeant. But they’re not dead, just passed over into a world known as “Twilight.” It’s a world of perpetual war–so what happens when men trained for killing enter a land where they’re not the predators, but the prey?

Nothing good, my friends. Nothing good at all. Except for the story itself. That’s so good you’ll throw your first-edition Hemingways in the trash to make room for CGC’ed copies of the fantabulous first issue!

INCURSION #1 hits this November. Contact your local comic shop to reserve yourself a copy, or order it online by clicking here. Get on it, man! The fate of two dimensions is in your hands!


3 Responses to “New Book Pimpin’: INCURSION

  • Hi, Jay… thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself, my name’s Axel and I’m doing the pencils and inks for Incursion, pretty fun so far. Glad to work with you.

  • Cheeto von Bismark
    ago9 years


    I’m a little disappointed. Instead of saying your new comic “hits” in November, you should have said it “drops” in November. That’s what a real douche would say, and well, I expect more/less from you.

  • It’s poppin’ like Jiffy Pop come Nizzyvizzy, yo! Better?

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