New Planet of the Apes posters are nothing to monkey around with (Sorry.)


When I was a kid, I used to love watching all the Planet of the Apes flicks. We all know the “damn dirty ape” lines, but for my money (six cents or so, at the time) the best of the bunch was “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” The story of what happened after Charlton Heston found the Statue of Liberty, it’s the kind of drug-addled freakout flick that terrified kids of my age, but inspired the generation above me, the ones old enough to remember when movies didn’t have creepy-ass blaring horns on the soundtrack and cinematography that mixed lens flares and soft-focus into some kind of fever dream. It ends (spoiler!) with Charlton Heston setting off a nuclear bomb and wiping out all life on Earth. Now, go out and play, kids!

Anyway, the Alamo Drafthouse (best known to me as the theater with the Greatest STFU Commercial In History (click on that link, believe me) held a marathon five-movie Planet of the Apes marathon last May, and these posters were the result of that. That one there is from Film School Rejects. The rest are at a variety of other sites; check the pics below for more.

Great stuff. And I’m almost done with my therapy for that friggin’ movie.


2 Responses to “New Planet of the Apes posters are nothing to monkey around with (Sorry.)

  • Jeff SMith
    ago5 years

    Every year the movie theater in the town I grew up in had a marathon. This was in the 70’s, I think, maybe the year Battle came out (73) and before the days of the multiplex and division of grand old theaters into four or five smaller ones. The movie theater would be sold out, balcony and all. One of my favorite memories growing up was going with my father to these marathons.

  • Carol Fitzgerald
    ago5 years

    Ah, the Draft House. I remember that commercial, it was kind of a big deal around here… and I can think of a number of folks who would love to know that it got enough air time for you to have heard it!

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