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I’ve just set up a new website, Sports Gone South, which will host all my sports musings on all things south of the Potomac River. Go check it out. I’ll be cross-posting here for a bit. Here’s the first one, all about the NL playoffs…

Ah, early October. The warmth of summer’s still hanging around, but the nights are getting crisp. Football’s in full swing, basketball’s training camps are open, and hockey…nobody cares about hockey. And baseball’s playoffs are just beginning, and, as usual, Glavine and Maddux are on the hill:


…oh, yeah. I forgot.

maddogla.jpg glavineny.jpg

The Glavine-Maddux showdown which was likely for Game 2 won’t come to pass, which is a shame, because I was looking forward to seeing how it would be physically possible for both Hall of Fame pitchers to simultaneously dig their teams into huge holes. Sort of an “irresistible force/immovable object” quandary in reverse.

Me, I’m taking the Dodgers in this one–no offense to Glavine, who’s always been one of my favorites, but anything that brings misery to New York sports fans brings joy into my life:


My own postmortem of the Braves’ dynasty is right here.


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