NLDS Game 2–That’s More Like It

Or maybe “McCann-Do.” (I bet that’s the ESPN headline.) This might have been the most important non-elimination Braves game in almost a decade, and the Braves came up huge. Everything went right here–starting pitching, relief pitching, clutch hitting–these are the kinds of games that make you think this team might just be something special. Good signs: the rookies all got hits (even Francoeur, who at this point would swing if the pitcher threw over to first), Smoltz didn’t throw a whole lot of pitches, and Reitsma kept his head and knocked the ‘stros down in the eighth. Key play of the game–Chipper Jones’ diving save of a Biggio screamer in the seventh. Sure, Atlanta was up four, but Smoltz was out of gas, and if that gets through, one run’s in and the bullpen–shakier than a meth addict three days clean–has to come in to “clean up” the mess. Not a comforting thought. Every year since 1995, that ball gets through and things get ugly. This year…

Okay, enough speculating. On to Houston.


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