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The Novels:

Bluff City

            "When you come to Memphis, you donít ever leave unchanged.
            "Maybe itís the climate, the hot Delta air thatís heavy enough to wear. Maybe itís the history, decades upon decades that lay on Memphis even thicker than the wet heat. Maybe itís the blues that run through the heart and soul of every single person whoís spent a day there.
            "And maybe itís just that this is one seriously strange piece of real estate. It may look like a sleepy river town, but Memphis has changed the world a dozen times over."

Welcome to Memphis, a.k.a. Bluff City. Hope you brought your camera, because no one's going to believe you when you tell them what you've seen. 

Luther Washington is the last of the great bluesmen, a legend now reduced to playing a fourth-rate Mississippi casino bar. But when two rednecks, flat busted and cleaned out from a bad nightís run at the casino tables, decide to kidnap Luther, he suddenly becomes famous all over again. Everyone from white supremacists to church congregations wants to get their hands on the old bluesman, and things descend into bad craziness in a hurry. The cast features a housewife who finds her true calling as a grifter; a disgraced former heavyweight champ seeking a shot at redemption; a hotshot sportswriter running for his life after writing a too-revealing profile of the cityís star athlete; and a reverend who knows a lot more about the kidnapping than heís telling his flock. The whole crew comes together at the ďElvis Brawl,Ē a pay-per-view extravaganza starring wrestling Elvis impersonators, while outside, the city nears its boiling point...

Bluff City will have you packing your bags for Memphis--and locking your door once you get there.

"Jay Busbee does for Memphis what Hiaasen did for Miami. Which means his home wonít be on the chamber of commerceís official tour -- not yet -- but readers will be waiting in line to see how Jay can top the Elvis Brawl. Donít miss it."
- Tim Dorsey, author of Florida Roadkill and The Stingray Shuffle


"Bluff City rises up over you like the Mississippi River in rainy season. Before you realize it, you're enveloped in its waves of quirky humor, its gentle, rolling flow of charm and passion, and carried along with the characters on the ride to an ocean of fun. Have I beat that metaphor to death? Let me put it simply, then. I really enjoyed this book, and I think you should, too."
- Chuck Austen, writer of Uncanny X-Men


Click here for an excerpt from Bluff City.


The Face of the River

"There are nights that burn themselves into your mind, nights where the sights and scents and sensations are so vibrant that you know youíll never forget a moment of them. You go back in your memories and taste the tastes, inhale the smells of those nights, and for a moment there is no past, no present, no outside world, only what you carry within yourself. But there are also nights after which nothing in your life is ever the same again."

So begins The Face of the River, my first novel. A story of love, loss, and the inexorable pull of the past, The Face of the River follows Matt Molloy as he tries to piece together the stories of his late, onetime love, Amanda Sevier. Matt dedicates himself to finding out the truth behind the life and death of Amanda--even if it costs him everything.

Click here to read the novel's prologue, set during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Then click here to read Chapter 1--and buy a copy--at Amazon.com



Click here to check out the track listings for the soundtracks to Bluff City and The Face of the River.


Jay Busbee is a novelist and journalist living in Atlanta. Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.

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