Oooof. And Hmmm.

Gone for a month? My God, what a slackass I am. (Okay, I have been blogging…just not here. Go over to for a more updated blog. All the cool kids are over there.) Anyway, yeah, I haven’t blogged. So what. You get what you pay for here, homies.

A bunch of backed-up stuff is on tap, including the rest of the 23 Shows You Should Be Watching, 2006’s Top Tunes and Hall of Fame, and updates on all the various books, comics, et cetera I’m working on these days.

But first, to whet your appetite, a little eyebrow-raising scene. From my own Sundown: Arizona #2 back in late ’05:

…and now a page from this month’s Jonah Hex #15. Note the similarities in the unconventional use of a seating device:

If Hex descends into nearby mines and starts shooting vampires next month, heads are gonna freakin’ roll.


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