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Here are some of the greatest hits from the recent and not-so-recent past. Click away.


-Stone Cold Bluff, Chicago Sports Review, July 2006--Why poker ain't a sport, and why that's not necessarily a bad thing...especially as long as I can keep fishing for coin on the thousands of poker sites dotting the web. 

-My Name Is Jay, And I Am A Hawks Fan, Chicago Sports Review, June 2006--Coming to terms with the fact that your favorite franchise su-huh-hucks. 

-Game Plan, Atlanta Magazine, April 2006--A pretty comprehensive look at 790 The Zone, Atlanta's top sports radio station.

-Tom Cruise Breaks Out His 'A' Games,, July 2005--On the occasion of War Of The Worlds, I wrote this article for ESPN on everyone's favorite couch-jumping baby-stashing Scientology freak.

-Rollin' On The River, Atlanta, June 2005--The most widely-read story of all of my archives, this is the history of the floating debauchery that was the Chattahoochee Raft Race. Read, and shed a tear for the dear, departed, depraved '70s.

-Fuzzy Yellow Bloodlust, Atlanta, June 2005--I don't take to losing well, especially not on the tennis court. But at least I can get paid for writing about it.

-Down from the Mountaintop, Mid-South Sports & Leisure, March 2005--Memphis State University's 1985 basketball team reached the Final Four--and then everything fell apart. This article got nominated for 2005's Best American Sports Writing. Didn't get in with this one, either. Dammit.

-Penny Hardaway Needs Your Love, Memphis, December 2004--A lengthy profile on the NBA's mid-90's tragic hero--so much missed potential. Got nominated for inclusion in the 2004 Best American Sports Writing anthology, but didn't make the final cut.

-The Burkle Estate: A Memphis Stop on the Underground Railroad?, The Memphis Flyer, April 1998--This article details my visit to "Slave Haven," a legendary home in downtown Memphis that may or may not have helped ferry slaves to freedom down the Mississippi River. 

-Memphis Writers: Telling the Stories of the Bluff City, Memphis, December 1996--Here, I spoke to half a dozen first-rate writers working in Memphis, headlined by Civil War expert Shelby Foote. He was a cranky old fella--when I asked how much writing he was doing these days, he replied, "A lot more if I didn't have this damn interruption"--but despite himself, he was just about the best interview I've ever conducted.

-The People Vs. Larry Flynt: An Inside Story, The Memphis Flyer, May 1996--When the Larry Flynt biopic was filming in Memphis, I managed to get a couple of walk-on parts. Glamorous Hollywood life, this wasn't--but at least I made it into the movie's final cut. 

-Elvis Presley's Platinum: A Life In Music--A Review (and a commentary on the review), The Memphis Flyer, June 1997--I love the King. Love 'im. But I hate how his legacy is getting cheapened by the minute (but if you think this is bad, check out what I did to the King's good name in Bluff City). This is a decent enough review, but the real highlight is the letter I got from an irate Elvis fan who asked me how many Cadillacs I've given away to my friends, like Elvis used to. Gold, pure gold.

-The Democratic National Convention 1988: A Punk Unleashed, The Flat Hat, August 1988--A relic from my college newspaper days--I was a teenager armed with a press pass, and I tried hard to find some kind of trouble at the 1988 DNC in Atlanta. No luck; this convention was painfully controversy-free. I did score a one-question interview with a sprightly young senator named Al Gore, though.



Jay Busbee is a novelist and journalist living in Atlanta. Click below for more info on his novels, articles, and comics.
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