Pollos for everyone! The Breaking Bad video game is here!

All right, this is just amazing … “Breaking Bad” as an old-school Nintendo-style video game. Spoilers ahoy if you haven’t caught up:

Even the turtle-with-Danny-Trejo’s-head made the cut. Amazing.

[Via io9]


One Response to “Pollos for everyone! The Breaking Bad video game is here!

  • Jordan Cunningham
    6 years ago

    This parody is flawed, as Marie Schrader is the farthest from morally ambiguous. Exhibit A: She’s a kleptomaniac. Exhibit B: Lying about it when you’re caught dead to rights doesn’t seem very positive. Exhibit C: That episode where they’re all playing poker and Walter makes a huge bet, scaring Hank into folding and Marie reveals their tossed hands. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF WALT WAS BLUFFING OR NOT, COMMON DECENCY SAYS WHEN YOU DECIDE TO TOSS YOUR CARDS AWAY AND QUIT, IF YOU TOSS THEM FACE DOWN ITS NOBODY’S BUSINESS!!!!! Exhibit D: Endlessly preaches to others, never practices. I would introduce an exhibit E, concerning her devotion to her family but I don’t wanna spend the time going into idea of the my.

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