POSTCARDS Drops Today!

For a writer, there’s no thrill quite like seeing your work in print. And it’s the goal of every writer to walk into a bookstore and see their work there on the shelves. I admit it, I’m a glory hound–every time I’m in a grocery store or bookstore carrying a magazine I’ve written something for, I flip to my article and point out my name to my kids. (Which is always followed by, “Fine, Dad. Can we get ice cream now?”)

Today was a little different. Today saw the release of POSTCARDS, a landmark comics anthology featuring a ton of high-profile comics talent…and me. (Here’s the backstory.) The brainchild of my pal Jason Rodriguez, POSTCARDS is the product of years of hard work (on Jason’s part; mine was done in a dozen hours or so), and it absolutely shows. Plus, it’s a hardcover book, and there’s nothing quite like seeing your name on something that could cause actual physical damage when thrown. (One of my secret ambitions is to write a book large enough to be used as a weapon in a CSI episode.)

Anyway, go buy POSTCARDS. Trust me, you’re gonna love it. And if you don’t, you can throw it at your enemies.

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