POSTCARDS: True Stories That Never Happened

Cool picture, huh? That’s an image from a story I contributed to POSTCARDS, a kick-ass new comics anthology that’s coming out in June from Random House and Eximious Press. This thing’s a work of art — my own contribution notwithstanding — and you’re going to want to get your hands on a copy. I’ll tell you how in a moment.

Some background info: POSTCARDS is the brainchild of Jason Rodriguez, a longtime friend whom I’ve only actually met once. (God bless the Internet.) A few years back, Jason and I met on a messageboard commiserating over the state of a Marvel Comics initiative to bring new writers into the fold. (It was a good idea but mishandled from the get-go.) Jason’s not content with the traditional pitch-pray-bitch route of the wannabe comics writer; he worked his way into a job editing the late, lamented Western Tales of Terror anthology, then developed an entire website devoted to making comics better, and now is putting his money where his mouth is by creating one hell of a good anthology.

The basic premise of POSTCARDS stems from some postcards Jason found while antique shopping with his girlfriend–surely the one instance in all of recorded history that a guy dragged along on a shopping trip ended up with something rewarding. Each of the weathered postcards he found contained some cryptic note about war, quarantine, lost love, hopes, dreams, fears, you name it. It was fertile ground for storytelling, and Jason decided to see who he could bring aboard to help him tell the “stories” behind these postcards. He recruited some serious heavyweights in the industry, and it’s to his everlasting credit that he didn’t forget his friends, bringing aboard me and some other relatively inexperienced types as well.

I may be the Christian Laettner on this Dream Team, but thanks to my artist, Tony Fleecs, I’ve got a pretty damn good entry in the anthology, if I do say so myself. It’s called “Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland,” and it stars the two young ladies pictured above. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s absolutely unlike anything else I’ve ever written in my life. No strippers, no wiseass gunplay, no explosions…just a story of missed opportunities and prayers for forgiveness. The quote at left is a line from the original postcard that inspired the entire story.

So, how do you get POSTCARDS? Best way to do it is order it through your local comic book shop. If that’s not an option, go to Amazon through this link and pick yourself up a copy. Trust me, it’s going to be some rewarding stuff.

Click on the banner below to visit the POSTCARDS site and learn about all the other cats who’ve made this book so great:

Then Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland…or I’ll hunt you down and kick your ass.

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