Pre-order EARNHARDT NATION and get a fancy postcard

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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy holidays! Hope this finds you done with your holiday shopping and relaxing by the warm glow of the fire. On the off chance you’re still looking for gifts, might I suggest a pre-order of EARNHARDT NATION? It’s the book Kirkus Reviews calls “a tour-de-force of bravado” and my kids call “that thing you love more than us.” You’ll enjoy it, guaranteed.

To sweeten the offer, I’ll send along a postcard like those pictured above (while supplies last) for any pre-order between now and the book’s release date of February 16. Here’s the deal:

1. Buy the book at any of the outlets listed below.
2. Email me at with a printout of the receipt and the mailing address where you want the card sent.
3. Get the card. Display it, collect it, sell it on ebay, whatever you like.
4. In a couple months, get the book, and use the card as a bookmark.
5. Bask in my deep and eternal gratitude.

Ordering links:
Barnes & Noble
All Other Outlets

Thanks so much for reading. The happiest of holidays to you and yours, and I’ll catch you again soon.



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