Projects in Progress: Pages from XL, RIPPED, and THE NETWORK

Here’s a big art dump from the three projects I’ve got almost ready to go out the door. Check out what’ll be on your shelves later this year:

First off, XL–a giant-monsters story–art and colors by Jeremy Bennison. This is a scene early in the book; with the giant-monsters premise, it should be pretty obvious what’s going on here:

Next up, we’ve got RIPPED, a time-travel/conspiracy tale, with Jason Flowers on art and Sonny Leader on colors. This is the first page of the book; see if you can figure where Fitz, our time-traveling protagonist, has awakened to find himself:

…and finally, we have THE NETWORK, about life at a network devoted entirely to superheroes, a la ESPN and sports. Art by Martin Morazzo and Carolina Cesare; colors by Kevin Volo; letters by Jason Arthur. This is midway through the pitch, as our hero Ethan (the kid in the bottom right) is being given a tour of the Network studios by reporter Cassidy Page (the lady)–and, of course, violence ensues:

Enjoy! I’ll update as events warrant.


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