Round up the REMFs

When it comes to politics, I’m all over the map. I’m pro-choice and pro-death penalty. I’m in favor of gay marriage, but I’m not exactly queuing up to see Brokeback Mountain. The Jesus I believe in is pretty damn disgusted by the sins being committed in his name–starting with intolerance of said gay marriages and going up from there. I think immigrants are pretty damn cool, being the descendant of several myself and all–but that said, the line forms BACK THERE. I’m pro-War on Terror in theory, but anti-War on Terror as it’s being run by the bumbleshits now in power.

So I’m either a responsible freethinking individualist or a total mushbrain straw man. Whatever. About the only thing that politically offends me is closed-mindedness, whether it’s from the braying rightwingers who’ve already platted out space on Mount Rushmore for Dubya, or the nut-fudge leftists who believe anyone who doesn’t pray at the First Church of Hillary is a Nazi stormtrooper. And I’m not alone in this–there are an awful lot of people who are more than fed up with the Way Things Are Done in George W. Bush’s America, and this November we could be headed toward a political sea change–if the Democrats can muster a challenge more substantive than “Had enough?” (Granted, they’ve got a point–but they need to replace the status quo with something better, not just something different.)

Meantime, if there’s anybody with a sliver of an open mind who’s still thinking that we’re on the right path in Iraq, check this diatribe out from screenwriter/comics writer/standup comedian John Rogers. In it, he pretty much flays the REMFs (military speak: “rear-echelon motherfuckers”) who, in poet Wilfred Owen’s words, crow “with such ardent zest to children ardent for some desperate glory” about the honor and dignity of war without ever serving themselves. Basically, he lays out a way for those who claim they support the war to REALLY do so without picking up a rifle or signing up for the military…and he calls out the “chickenhawks” who fail their soldiers, their mission, and their country by fumbling or dodging their responsibility. Read it.


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