Say, Stephen King’s new novel seems awfully familiar

Stephen King has a new novel coming out next week entitled 11/22/63, and it’s the story of a guy who finds himself transported back in time to the era of the Kennedy assassination. Cool premise, right? He talked about the mechanics of time travel to WIRED right here, and here’s a copy of the book’s cover:


Hey, wait a second. Something about that is kind of familiar … JFK limo shot … time-traveling dude from the present ending up in Dallas … blood-soaked cover … what does that remind me of?


HEY! That’s MINE! That’s my graphic novel RIPPED! And it’s about a guy who travels back in time to the Kennedy administration! I’mma sue, King! IMMA SUE!!!!

…all right, breathe. Now, let me state unequivocally and for the record: I KNOW THIS IS NOTHING BUT COINCIDENCE AND THE ABOVE IS ALL MEANT IN JEST. Down, lawyers, down. The idea of a guy time-traveling back to prevent the JFK assassination is not exactly breaking ground in speculative storytelling. I’m just happy that I got somewhere Stephen King was headed before he did.

That, and I know he won’t mind when I roll out CUJITSTINE, my 1,200-page novel of a psychopathic clown and his rabid-dog sidekick traveling the country in a haunted Plymouth Fury.


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