Some Treasures To Excavate On iTunes

So here are a couple things you ought to seek out on iTunes, ’cause they’re, you know, good:

-First, check out the Camp Jam All-Stars’ “Money In A Card (This Christmas Day).” Camp Jam’s a rock-and-roll fantasy camp run by a couple friends of mine, including Jeff Carlisi, the former guitarist for .38 Special. One day I’ll tell the story of how he taught me how to play “Hold On Loosely,” which, for an ’80s kid, was nirvana itself. (The state of being; the group was still several years off.) Anyway, this song is by a bunch of kids from the camp, and it’s well worth your 99 cents.

-And speaking of 1980s salvation–the gods of my high school music, Led Zeppelin, have finally reached iTunes. I’ve got all these albums, some in–no joke–LP, cassette, CD and MP3 versions, but you know what? I’ll probably buying “Mothership” anyway for the car. You should get “Over The Hills and Far Away,” “Immigrant Song,” and “Fool In The Rain” right now.

-Finally, iTunes is deep into audiobooks at this point. If you happen to spend a whole lot of time in traffic–I don’t, ha ha ha–pick yourself up a few of these. And start with Brad Meltzer, a great writer of thrillers and comic books, and a hell of a nice guy besides. (His readings are not to be missed.) All his books are on sale, and for a little while, you can get The Millionaires for free. Free! Get it! Now!


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