Sports Talk Radio…Behind The Mike

Spent this morning hanging out in the studio for the “Mayhem in the A.M.” show at 790 The Zone, Atlanta’s top sports radio station, for a big article in Atlanta magazine. I’m a bit of a radio junkie, so it was a kick to see the behind-the-scenes action, which is both more and less complex than you’d think. I think I’ve got a great job–hell, these cats get to hang out and talk sports and life for four hours a day. I would’ve loved to get on-mike, but the repartee of the hosts is so polished that there was really no room–it would’ve been like somebody bringing along a strange new friend to hang out with you and your mates at a bar, a little awkward and forced. But it was a bit of a rush to be heading down 400 at 6:15 in the morning, hearing them say, “We’ve got this writer from Atlanta magazine coming in…”

Anyway, a good morning. But how those guys greet the dawn every day amazes me. I had to go to bed about 10 last night–which for me is the equivalent of most people’s 7–and at 5 this morning had the old “Jesus, did I even sleep yet…?” feeling until I looked at the clock–and realized it didn’t matter if I had. Off to nap now.


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