Stopping By The Blog On A Snowy Evening

A warm evening, actually. But it’s been so damn long since I’ve been here regularly that there’s dust everywhere, roaches running all over the place, that strange smell wafting up from the basement–oh, crap, I forgot to feed that drifter I had chained up down there…

Anyway, it’s been a lively few weeks. Most significant is the new gig I’ve got over at Yahoo! Sports. (That exclamation is mucho important.) I’m running their NASCAR blog there, and having a damn fine time doing it. (Click over there on the right for the link.) I’m also still running the show at Atlanta Magazine’s Right Down Peachtree blog. Sports Gone South and this one have, for the nonce, gone a bit quiet, but we’ll see about changing that.

In other projects, I’ve got comics aplenty coming out; INCURSION just wrapped its four-issue run and did well enough that the boys at Platinum greenlit not one, but two sequels: INSURRECTION, due out later this year, and INDOCTRINATION/INCULCATION/INFATUATION (we haven’t settled on a title yet, obviously) closing out the trilogy late 2008-early 2009. RIPPED is nearing completion, as is THE NETWORK, and holy crap are those gonna be good. I’m working on the scripts for the second issues of WHITE EYES and KADE: RISING SUN; more details on those in a bit. And SUNSHINE STATE is back up off the deck, slated tentatively for a summer release from Arcana. I’m also finishing up a story for the DEAR SANTA anthology, and…and I think that’s it for the comics.

Book work on the Braves and Bulldogs books proceeds apace, and I’ve just submitted a proposal for another book that I don’t want to jinx by talking about until we’ve inked some deals. And the regular article-writing continues for BLUFF, CHOPTALK, and a buncha other places.

So there’s your ego-trip post. Actual content coming tomorrow.

(That photo? I dunno why it’s here. It makes me laff. Just remember, Hillary-bashers, in the 2016 election, those kids all will be of voting age…)


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