The ballad of Bee Girl

It wasn’t a costume. That’s what nobody ever got. The same way Batman was the real person and Bruce Wayne the mask, Bee Girl was who she was. Who she is to this day.

Hell yes, she’s still wearing the outfit in 2015. You don’t peel out of your own skin, do you? She wears it to the store, in the carpool line, to the annual office Halloween party — the one where everyone who’s been hired in the last  year thinks it’s a brilliant retro costume, a callback to the early ’90s, and everyone who’s been there a little longer holds their peace.

They know the story. About how everyone at one particular talent show laughed, and how many unexplained accidents unfolded in its wake. That doesn’t just happen, does it?

So they let her dance, badly. And they shiver as she blissfully breezes by.


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