The Ballad of Flash and Poo-Hole

Got a couple of pieces up at the Chicago Sports Review now. First up is an assessment of the Heat’s Dwyane Wade, the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols, and why they have the future of sport in their hands. Click on the pull quote below to get it:

“Outside of us sports freaks and their hometown fans, nobody would bat an eye if Flash and Poo Hole (how’s that for the world’s worst nickname?) walked right into their local Starbucks. In snapshot, at least, these two cats are as good as it gets in 2006 pro sports, but both of them I feel still fail the Girlfriend Test–you know, does your girlfriend know who these two are? (And if you’re a female reading this, and you know who Pujols and Wade are, where the hell were you when I was on the market?) And until we get a Lil’ Dwyane Action Figure or a Pujols-as-Grandmamma campaign, they’re going to remain the province of ESPN alone.”

Next is a piece on real-life fantasy teams–where too-rich owners go jock-sniffing and grab up all the superstars they can, irregahhhhdless (said with a Boston accent) of how well they mesh as a team. As before, click below:

“There’s a tipping point; economically speaking, it would be called diminishing marginal utility. For sports, it usually means being smart and capping your buffet meal at right around two stars and two specialists. After this point, your team usually starts to slide into disappointment and ridicule, gets fat with ego, and fails under the weight of their own expectations and those of the fans. And all of a sudden, what looks so good on paper turns into what the hell happened? awful quick.”


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