The Endorsement: The Dark & Stormy

So how was your Thanksgiving? Good? Turkey, family, shopping, blah blah? Great. I spent a significant portion of mine in a pleasant buzz thanks to my personal drink of choice, the Dark and Stormy. (Screw the mojito–that’s so 2006.) It’s Gosling’s dark Bermuda rum combined with ginger beer, and if you’re lucky, you can pick both up in a handy all-in-one case at your local hooch shop. I got addicted to the things back in the summer of ’06, when I accompanied the wife to her business junket to Bermuda. While she attended training classes and such, I drank more Dark & Stormys than water. It was a good trip.

So, yeah…that’s what I did over break, and as you can tell from the in-depth content of this post, I’m not yet hitting on all literary cylinders. Anyway, go get yourself a Dark & Stormy yourself. It’s a little chunk of Bermuda right there in your glass.

I’ll take my endorsement fee now, Goslings.


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