The Lucky 13th

Today’s my birthday, and while I didn’t quite celebrate it the way I have in the past–usually coinciding with end-of-the-semester blackout-drunk sprees in college–it was a good one. Got a fine dinner with the fam at Dreamland Barbecue, and the wife gave me a new Ipod. I’m stuffin’ that baby right now–the Ipod, not the wife–and I’m going to kick back with a bottle of Abita Turbo Dog, the latest James Lee Burke book, and some new Ryan Adams tunes.

To quote the prophet Ice Cube, it was indeed a very good day.

Oh, and George W. ought to be happy today, too, seeing as how my birthday marks the two high points of his presidency–the day the Supreme Court finally certified the Florida results in 2000, and the day we nabbed Saddam in his rathole in 2003. No need to thank me, Mr. President; I’m happy to share the day with ya.


One Response to “The Lucky 13th

  • They should make your birthday a national holiday. That would rock.

    Hope you had a good one, bro.

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