The one time post-Super Bowl programming didn’t suck

The Super Bowl hits in about two hours, as I write this, and regardless of what happens in the game, here’s a guarantee: whatever comes afterward will almost certainly suck. Networks have tried to launch new series, or rolled out trumped-up versions of existing favorites, but only once has this resulted in anything memorable — way back in 1993, when NBC aired the first episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. This was The Wire before there was a Wire. Check this, from the very first episode, and tell me what you’d think if you saw this after a Super Bowl:

Me, I’d weep tears of joy — well, probably tears of beer, given what time it’d be — but still, this was some great television, and I can’t believe it got a post-Super Bowl spot.


4 Responses to “The one time post-Super Bowl programming didn’t suck

  • Wow! Didn’t know this was on. Looking forward to watching it. Thanks for the info. U R a great writer!!!

  • Michael Acosta
    ago7 years

    IDK, that one post Super Bowl season premiere of Alias was… *drools*

  • Looking forward to watching this. Looks great. Busbee u r a great writer!!!

  • Thanks, Ron. Alas, this was from 1993. I have no idea what else is on tonight, but it ain’t gonna compare.

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