The Reeders Rite

So…if you’re bored and looking for something to read, you can see the letters inspired by a recent article of mine in the William & Mary Alumni Magazine. The article, available by clicking here, documented how the admittedly apathetic William & Mary campus actually has a bit of a tradition for protest against the established order. Well sir, seems that there article picked at a couple of scabs–and some people who still have trouble recognizing that the only constant in life is change wrote in to the magazine in response. (It’s in the “Perspectives on Protests” section at the bottom of the first page; I’m referred to as “James” because of an editing error in the original article.) The letter writers don’t have a problem with the article per se; it’s more a problem with those damn hippie liberals, those crazy kids who just won’t get their hair cut and listen to Mom, Dad, and the Government. The guy who’s several decades older than the protesters, I can understand, but the type who’s a cranky conservative stick-in-the-mud at age 19 has always fascinated me. Words of advice, young conservatives: there’ll be time to whine about feminazis, bedwetting liberals, tree-huggers, welfare queens and the sanctity of the Second Amendment later–spend your college days challenging authority so you can decide how you want to exert it when it’s your turn. Turn off the Limbaugh and go bag yourself a liberal chick. (Why a lefty? Let’s be honest here, folks–conservative college chicks are about as much fun in the sack as checking out a library book.)

So where were we? Oh, yeah–I’m available to speak at graduations. Bar mitzvahs, too! L’chaim!


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