The Walking Dead zombie swimsuit calendar looks like a collection of sexy car crash victims

The Walking Dead is a perfectly gory little show. And bikini models are a joy to look at. I’d imagine the Venn Diagram of people who want to see these two genres mashed up is a relatively slim crossover, and yet here we are with the Walking Dead 2013 Swimsuit Calendar. Only, as io9 points out, the fact that the makeup artists didn’t go full zombie here leaves us with a bunch of models who look like either car-crash relics or victims of domestic abuse.

Though considering how gory the show gets, that’s probably for the best. Not sure I want to know who’s in the market for a swimsuit model with a missing jaw, or with her intestines roping out of her shapely belly.

For those of you intrigued, here’s the requisite making-of video. Open sores never looked so sexy!


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