Three things that made me smile: Williamsburg flash mob, Game of Thrones v. My Little Pony, and Pork Sundae

Three things that made me smile this fine day. First, a flash mob sings in Colonial Williamsburg. No big deal, right? It is when the flash mob is the freakin’ Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The singing starts at about the 3:30 mark:

Next, I just finished watching Game of Thrones’ first season, and loved it. Which makes this little cartoon, of Khalissa Daenerys (don’t ask), uh, “interacting” with My Little Pony so delightful. (This video may help explain, if you have a strong stomach):

(Via Zerkle)

And finally: mashed potatoes, shredded pork and barbecue sauce, topped with scallions? What else could it be but a pork sundae?




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