Unfortunate tweets, unfortunate t-shirts: here’s the worst of what I wrote this week

I write a bunch of stuff each week. Here’s some of the best … or worst, depending on your POV.

It was NFL draft week, so I whipped up a little story on how NFL draftees need some good financial planning right from the moment they hold up that fancy new jersey.  (Tip: Diversify yo’ portfolio.) Also did a slideshow on the worst selections at every single position in the first round … not quite draft “busts,” necessarily, but exceedingly poor decisions. And, since draft fans are lunatics and easy prey, I posted a video of them getting pranked with fake player names.

Hope Solo plays soccer. I know nothing about soccer. But I do know that tweeting out your phone number to 700,000 followers isn’t a good idea.

Game of Thrones author goofs on Jets, gives Game of Thrones geeks a chance to rail on NFL writers. Good times.

My most-read/shared story of the week: Nike stores are pulling “Boston Massacre” t-shirts from their stores. Solid idea.

An openly gay kicker is trying to make the NFL, which would be historic and all. If you consider kickers legit NFL players, that is.

This was badass: Scott Fujita hikes to the top of Machu Picchu, signs his retirement papers there. At age 33. I only slightly hate him.

Hey, Danica: shut up and race.

Thanks, as always, for reading. More on the way.



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