USA Today & The Eisners

Some fun news of late … I made it into an issue of USA Today a few days back when this post I wrote for Yahoo! Sports got picked up by the national media. Seems Forbes decided Atlanta was the nation’s most miserable sports city, and I tried my best to fight back. I think you can read it there, midway down the second column:

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Yep, I may be the first person in history to get the phrase “Thanks a pantload” into USA Today. My parents raised me right!

In other news, the amazing Postcards anthology, for which I wrote the story “Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland,” has been nominated for an Eisner Award. For those outside the comics industry, the Eisners are comics’ Oscars, the most prestigious awards in the industry, and I’m just glad I didn’t torpedo the book myself. If it wins, I’ll officially change my name to “Eisner winner Jay Busbee,” even if I only deserve 1/32nd of the credit. Huge congrats to my man Jason Rodriguez for some well-deserved recognition for pulling the whole damn thing together.


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