Wait, the Super Bowl is a FOOTBALL game?

So Super Bowl Sunday is approaching, and with it acres (or, on the Internet, gigabytes) of ranting about the minutiae of The Game, the city of Detroit, the significance of our Unofficial National Holiday, et cetera. Last year, I wrote a blow-by-blow live blog of the game (no permalink, scroll all the way down) for the Chicago Sports Review; I probably won’t do that this year, but you never know.

Here are a couple of enjoyable articles about The Greatest Day Of The Year:

–One of the most annoying aspects of Super Bowl week is how pudgy jackass sportswriters love ripping on the host city. It happened in Atlanta a few years back–heavens to betsy, there was actually winter weather–and people whined all week. And the game itself? Well, it just happened to be one of the two or three best ever–the one where the Rams beat the Titans by six inches. Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg has prepared this handy list for idiot sportswriters intent on criticizing his city. Nice opening salvo, Michael.

–Chuck Klosterman is one of my favorite writers, though I can certainly understand why so many people loathe him. He filters pretty much every experience he has through his own navel, but sometimes he uses deconstructionist techniques to brilliant effect–as in his ongoing Super Bowl Media Week blog for ESPN.com. The opening bit trying to figure out how Hines Ward can continue to insist that the Steelers continue to be disrepsected even though they’re favored by four points is brilliant…and the rest of the blog follows suit.

By the way, I say Steelers by three.


One Response to “Wait, the Super Bowl is a FOOTBALL game?

  • Jason
    12 years ago

    Steelers by 6. I was thinking three, too, but I need to be different. So – they’ll run back the opening kick-off during overtime.

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