What to read when you’re not reading me

You know when you’re out drinking with your buddies, and there’s always one guy who can spin stories about his life and times that are so f’ed up and bizarre that you wonder how the guy even survived to be here sharing a pitcher with you…and yet so funny that you’re spitting beer through your nostrils? Well, whoever that guy is for you, my man Jason Rodriguez will cap his punk ass. Check out Jason’s blog “The Moose in the Closet” (updated five days a week!) for your daily dose of straight-outta-Brooklyn recollections and reflections. Jason’s one of the best young writers and editors in the comics biz–plus, he’s good to his friends, as you can see by checking out his March 11 entry. This guy’s gonna be huge, so I’m clutching onto him with both hands. In a non-gay way, of course.


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