"Why In Pluperfect Hell Would You Pee On A Corpse?"

The buddy-cop genre is so hackneyed at this point that it’s impossible to envision how it could breathe again anytime soon. (“Okay, they’re both cops — but one’s an alien! No, wait, they switch bodies! No, wait, they’re buddies…but they’re really the same person!”) (Hang on…that last one has promise…)

Anyway, one of the men responsible for foisting the buddy-cop genre on us — Shane Black, who wrote most of the Lethal Weapon flicks — delivered this absurd little gem of a flick a year or so back. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stars Robert Downey Jr. — who’s a hell of a fine actor, though nobody seems to remember that — as a bank robber who stumbles into a career as an actor. There’s also Val Kilmer — another guy whose nut-job rep has overshadowed his acting chops — as a gay detective who’s so gay he’s back around to straight. Add in several dead bodies, some hot chicks, dialogue that’s so clever it knows it’s being clever, and the line that kicks off this post, and you’ve got a damn fine two-hour flick. Check it out…you’ll never handcuff a gay man without frisking him again.


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