Write fast, turn left 1: Flying high again

I’m about to embark on the February orgy of motorsports joy that is Daytona Speedweeks. Here, we begin in the Atlanta airport.

I’m sitting at Gate C1 in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and CNN is showing Anderson Cooper and a near-giddy Dr. Drew deconstructing and dissecting the drug-ridden final days of Whitney Houston. And amid this fiesta of ghoulish self-righteousness … I’m ready to hit the beach. Metaphorically speaking. (Sorry, Whitney.)

Tomorrow is Media Day, where every single driver gathers in a tent outside Daytona International Speedway’s Turn 4 to face questions that, well, they’ve probably heard a thousand times before. No sport makes its stars more available to he media than NASCAR, which has both pluses and minuses. On the high side, we’ve got plenty of opportunity for material to write. On the low side, most of this material is well-digested verbal gruel, cliches interwoven with sponsor mentions. A few drivers- you can guess which ones – will bring a bit more, but the absolute hunger of dozens of media members looking to turn an offhand remark into a nationwide controversy* causes most of them to clamp down tight.

Still, it’ll be fun, and it begins tomorrow at 8 am with Jimmie Johnson’s ritual chiding of us all for not being as peppy as he is first thing in the morning.

Got to go. Am on the plane now, and need to see who I want on my team if we end up on an island.

*- Guilty. Got Kyle Busch to admit last year that he’d look for payback against Kevin Harvick….and he did.


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