Yahoo Sports’ Loop is a pretty darn sweet way to parse your sports

On Friday, Yahoo Sports rolled out a huge improvement to its iPhone app called “Loops,” where you — yes, you! — can carve up little bits of televised sports and package them into little graphical snippets, like so:

This, friends, is going to be flat-out wonderful, and I’m not just saying that as a paid employee of Yahoo Sports. You’re going to be able to snip out some of the strangest/most amazing/most ridiculous moments from games and put them up on the web, literally within moments of them happening. This whole page is full of a bunch of bits I snipped from games like last night’s Sugar Bowl:

At the moment, you can capture snippets from the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and NCAA football and basketball. In the works are the PGA Tour and NASCAR, among others. Here’s a very positive article on TechCrunch giving you some more of the specifics behind Loop. Alternately, here’s a ref doing a little dance:

Sure, you can do the last-second game-winner:

But you can also offer up your commentary on commercials:

…and on halftime shows:

Bottom line, this is great stuff and it’s going to let anyone with an iPhone and a wee bit of creativity jump in the greater sports conversation. Find it at the iTunes app store; it’ll also be available soon on Google Play. And see if you can come up with something better than us. We’re workin’ it hard, baby.


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