You might puke just from watching this theme-park ride video

Holy sweet heaven, this is ridiculous. “Theme park ride from Russia” sounds scary enough, but this is worse than you can imagine. Yeah, it starts slow, but that builds the dramatic tension. Wait till it REALLY gets going:

Bleaugh. Anybody got a breath mint?

[Via Geekologie]


3 Responses to “You might puke just from watching this theme-park ride video

  • Jordan Cunningham
    ago5 years

    Yeah… too slow. As long as you can guarantee the joints on that machine will never break, there’s really nothing that special about the ride unless they speed it up.

  • Carol Fitzgerald
    ago5 years

    Not. Gonna. Happen. Having nothing to prove to anyone, I can cheerfully state that you wouldn’t get me within 100 feet of that thing. 😛

  • Herb Overstreet
    ago4 years

    Dear Jay:

    In Nevada what Suzy Favor did was legal, whether or not she went all the way with her clients. Her hubby knew of her money-making job. Why should she have to hide that she worked for a living? We don’t reward most of the football players who play in this country; only a few pros make enough to justify all that sweat and effort; all the high schoolers work for free, and most of the college players too. With women, if they’re not good enough, they can’t get a six hundred dollar an hour job like the one Favor got… cuz they’re not beautiful enough. As the football lotto goes, so goes the beauty lotto. Morally, they’re about the same.

    Why is she apologizing? Almost every woman in America uses her beauty to get money from men, and a lot more money than what it takes to pay for birth control or condoms, so it’s not like they’re taking chances on dying during childbirth, so they’re overcharging, obviously. What this athlete did is just cashing in like almost all other American women (except my mom, of course).

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