You Will Think Less Of Me After Reading This Post

God help me, I’ve got a P!nk song in heavy rotation on the ol’ iPod. It’s called “U + Ur Hand,” and this may permanently obliterate my right to comment on music for any number of reasons:

1. It’s a dance tune.
2. It’s got that groovy new “text-message” typography right there in the title.
3. It’s about a chick telling a dude to go jack it and leave her alone.
4. There is no 4.
5. It’s P!nk, for chrissakes, a chick who puts punctuation in her name. And I thought Gn’R abbreviating the “and” to “n'” was goofy.

But man, there’s something about this tune. I blame my wife; she’s all into that Pat Benatar/Billy Idol ’80s brassy in-your-face punk/dance hybrid junk, and that’s exactly what “U + Ur Hand” is. It’s like osmosis crossed with Stockholm Syndrome, man; stuff seeps into your brain and after long enough, you actually convince yourself you like it.

I think I need to go listen to some Cannibal Corpse to cleanse my palate.


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